Unified Remote With File Manager: Control Programs / Mouse / Keyboard From Android

Wireless mouse died! eh. Reason wasn’t the mouse itself yet the nano-transceiver which broke apart like anything. While going through the Android Market afterwards found an interesting app. Unified Remote, by name allows you to control features on your computer in terms of programs or as an attached mouse or keyboard. It actively does that by installing a server on your computer. (click here to install the server). After the server is installed, a quick auto scan can be done to find server. Once you have added the server, you can manage different features which we will get into soon. After testing this app and many others (not to mention any names), this one was very responsive, full of decent controls and a good looking interface. Definately a ‘cool’ app for Android Users.

Your main Unified Remote home screen will give you quick access to remotes, servers, preferences, diagnostics, help and lastly exit. Tap into remote to get quick control to inputs such as mouse and keyboard, remote file manager, advanced keyboard, media remote, navigation keyboard, numpad, scrollwheel, slide show, spotify control, start menu, task manager, VLC, Windows Media Center and the list goes on. We said its cool because you have the option to use it as a simple mouse and a keyboard at the same time it adds up features such as gaining control over specific programs or features within Windows OS. Remote File Manager comes in as a big addition to this Remote Access making it just not a Wi-Fi Mouse-Keyboard App.

Go to home screen and tap on Servers. It will allow you to add and remove servers. Preferences menu gives you connection, power, phone integration, and general controls including layout, orientation, haptic feedback etc. It’s made sure that the user gets the best possible control. For instance, if you tap into mouse, multi-touch, accelerometer, switch button, double click and sensitivity settings can be adjusted.


Diagnostics screen would give you a fast preview of software version, connected host, and status. Moreover, you have control to clear cache, force connect and disconnect. A great app overall, based on design, connectivity and adaptability. Do give it a try!

To download Unified Remote:

search Unified Remote in Android Market
Or scan the QR code


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