Friday, September 25, 2020

Root T-Mobile G2

Only recommended for Android G2 users. (strongly by the developers).XDA member unforgiven512 has posted a very comprehensive how to guide which will take you through the step by step on permanently rooting your G2. According to many developers this is a major goal achieved that has been going on since before the release of the device it self.  The process is clean and straight forward but like most un-rooting processes for different device, there is a risk involved which might brick your device.  So do it at your own risk, but it has been successfully tested by the developers and a number of users.

Before we get into anything, these are the necessary files:


(files have been removed by developer, follow the link at the end of this post for more).


4ed6ac813dbea0ee263ba0f6dc288693  wpthis-OTA.ko
8ac8e7a331a199a48001c691e59b1b33  wpthis-pre-OTA.ko
7669ae12dc2faa10ae555a164980efd0  hboot-eng.img

1. Run VISIONary to gain temp root.

2. Push the .ko file appropriately on your G2 device

3. Move hboot-eng.img file to /data/local

4. open terminal or adb shell and run

$ su
# insmod /data/local/wpthis-[YOUR_VER].ko

it should return

init_module 'wpthis-OTA.ko' failed (Function not implemented)

5. Run

# dd if=/data/local/hboot-eng.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18

6. close terminal

7. Run VISIONary , this will lock in root

8 Turn on the terminal again, use Super user to regain superuser access

# sync

9. reboot and you’re done. You have rooted your G2.

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