S Beam Similar SuperBeam Available For Any Size File Transfer Between Android

S Beam came in as a useful feature in Android devices, proprietary to Samsung. What it does is simple. Users can transfer files between devices easily, using the NFC chip within the device. This is also widely known as Beam transfer between devices. This whole process goes through using WiFi direct. Once the devices are read by each other, file transfer is instant. This becomes helpful when transferring large files. SuperBeam developed by Majed (developer XDA) does all the beam fun stuff and is available on Google Play Market for free.

The application is easy to use. To share or beam a file, select the file and tap share. And we all know what will happen next. SuperBeam will appear as a sharing option. To recieve files using NFC, simply pair using NFC with screen unlocked.


We had a chance to test this app on devices such as Nexus 4, Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy Note. (All running some modified ROMs). Conclusion of our tests can be explained well from the 5 star rating it has received on Store. It simple and in real terms ‘Super Beam’. Users can easily transfer large files between devices using the same direct technology. It can be achieved using QR codes or NFC. (If the device supports it, big plus). User can use front and back camera for scanning QR codes. The scanning is very smooth and fast. Another great feature which lies within is the ability to automatically switch to hotspot that devices which won’t support WiFi direct.

File transfer was surely impressive. Fast indeed.


A quick note for users about to  load this application on customized ROMs, if having issues connecting via WiFi direct:

1. Open Application
2. Tap Options and Settings
3. Tap Advanced Settings
4. Select Preferred direct method
5. Choose HotSpot

And try sharing what you were about to share again.


Finally, its just like SuperBeam was the only thing missing in this whole Android peice. SuperBeam is great for what it does. We rate it 5/5 as well. It simple, with different themes and has usability based on all kinds of users. Yes, if you would like to jump in a bit more, simply head to advanced settings of the application.

 source: XDA Forums

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