Samsung Announces T-Mobile Sidekick 4G – Coming In Spring

Sidekick brand; pioneer of the teen-friendly Smartphone ecosystem belongs to T-Mobile. Sidekick has long been known for its distinctive and innovative design. Sidekick for a couple of month said that it’d be launching Sidekick on Android, and now officially unveiled the Samsung-sourced Sidekick 4G; first Sidekick with a touch screen (3.5 inch WVGA, to be exact). New Sidekick 4G is a Lightning-Fast and Stylish Communication Hub, Delivering Evolved Messaging and Entertainment at 4G Speeds.

Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Mobile, said, “We are proud that T-Mobile selected Samsung to help create the next-generation Sidekick and carry the iconic Sidekick brand and device to the next level. Samsung redesigned the new Sidekick 4G with our best-in-class hardware, combined with T-Mobile’s 4G network speeds, the Android operating system, and unique messaging and entertainment features, to make this a perfect match for both loyal Sidekick fans and new Sidekick owners.”


The Android 2.2-based unit has following features:

-1GHz Hummingbird processor

-3 megapixel primary cam

– Attractive vicious-looking user interface

-Interface is loaded with a couple Samsung staples like Samsung Media Hub, Qik video calling, DriveSmart texting-while-driving lockout functionality

– Sidekick Group Text and Cloud Text; these together works like cross-platform messaging tool

-Preloaded with Facebook and Twitter Apps

At this particular point of time availability and pricing both are a little murky, but it is expected to be available later this spring, to get you like either in black or pearl magenta.




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