Samsung Galaxy S II Hits North American Shores

Samsung Galaxy S II has hit the North American shores; a recent FCC filing is as good a sign as ever of the foreseeable launch of the Android 2.3. The handset supports 850MHz and 1900MHz North American 3G bands and hence compatible with AT&T in the US and Bell, TELUS and Rogers in Canada; the filing illustrates.

Samsung Galaxy S II

Carriers in North America received an exclusive version of the original Samsung Galaxy S, so currently we can’t be definite the phone will ever land in its current state in the US. Without proper information only a guess can be made at the moment, this filing is most likely expected to be for a phone destined for a Canadian carrier. But there is one thing that seems certain that phone will likely be seen late summer or early fall as a user manual included in the listing off-limits until September 6th.

Samsung’s upcoming phones like Samsung Stealth and Samsung Infuse 4G leave little room for a North American launch in the forthcoming future. A new model number Samsung i708 is also expected along with the Galaxy S II. The most fascinating thing about this filing is the addition of cellular radios covering GSM frequencies for HSPA as well as CDMA and EVDO. The label for Samsung i708 declares that the phone is not for sale but development only. So we may never be able to see such wide-range of radio power released for the masses but a completely universal Smartphone is still an appealing concept for general public.

[ VIA : Electronista ]




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