Samsung Updates The Kies Software In Expectancy Of Android 2.3 For Galaxy S Phones

Samsung being the producers of the best android phones with the best hardware, have failed to upgrade their reputation when it comes to Android software updates and continued software support.

Several users and members over at XDA Developer forum are reporting that Samsung has started to roll out a new version of Kies; the program used to Kies Updates From Samsungupdate Samsung Android devices to the latest Android version. A new version of kies basically signals a new Android update, hence Gingerbread and Samsung is trying to lay the groundwork for Android 2.3 updates of the Galaxy S.

In a Facebook posting Samsung said, “You need this update to be able to get the 2.3.2 update to your Samsung Galaxy S, Vibrant, Fascinate. 2.3.2 will be worldwide but carriers will be delayed.”

Samsung previously said on their Romanian Facebook page that “the Android 2.3 update would be out by the end of March”.

Though the update is not yet available, but the new version of kies signals that things are on schedule now. Yet there is no word on when US carriers will direct their customers to download the update Kies software or not; preparation for Android 2.3 Gingerbread. But hopefully Samsung will work more closely with the US carriers for the timely updating of their phones. The delays might have been the carriers fault, but Samsung surely took a real beating as they arrived so long after the competition.

No other existing handset (from any manufacturer) expected to update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread this month, so if Samsung is able to manage this update then it can also earn back the trust of Epic 4G, Captivate, Fascinate and Vibrant owners on the respective four carrier networks.



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