Scan Multiple Images And Convert To PDF With Cam Scanner Android

Looking for a way to scan images on the go?! crop them, cut them, fix them? and save them for later use! Cam Scanner lets you do that, now quickly scan images, enhance them and save them to PDF files. PDF files make it happen, email it, save it or print it later! How it does do that? Well, it digitally enhances the documents once scanned with built-in editing tools. Scanning and editing images in the batch is a great plus in this app.

cam scanner android
Scan Multiple Images And Convert To PDF With Cam Scanner Android

Key features of the Cam Scanner Android app include a fast multi-scan of documents, auto-crop and auto-enhance images, creating and sharing multi-size PDF files, backup documents and of course managing scanned files. Full enhancement controls are including rotations, cut, crop, and color enhancement controls.


Get into the settings menu to control scan and pdf settings. Sending options are available in terms of upload, Bluetooth, Google Docs, Gmail and other third-party supported apps. Cam Scanner is available in a free ad-supported version and a full paid version. Ad-supported version lets you create PDF files with a watermark, a limitation of 50 scans, 3 multi-page scans and 10 pages per document. Whereas the full version has no ads, no watermarks and unlimited scanning of any kind.


A useful Android app, worth a try! If you’re a regular scan user, buy the full version for $4.00. Not much, when you consider unlimited scans with updates and PDF conversion. Support the developers!


Download Cam Scanner Android

– Search Cam Scanner Free version on Android Market
– Or scan the QR Code

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