Schools That Rule The Web, Best Education Sites Infographic

World Wide Web has revolutionized everything from every walk of life since its evolution. Awareness of all sorts and knowledge has spread out like no tomorrow. Web and social presence of schools and universities are necessary. That’s where education sites come into play. Web and the social experience become an indicator of an institution’s quality. A great school is expected to have better social reviews and also a great web presence.

Best Education Sites Infographic

In this article, we present an infographic that looks at how the internet is revolutionizing learning, the best education sites, and social media warriors. Lastly, we look at whose code is the cleanest when it comes to web standards and user experience. MIT’s website code is the cleanest and has zero W3C errors whereas Cornell university has the most errors. Enjoyed the color selection and theme thoroughly. The information is well presented and highlights key indicators around the topic. Let’s look further into the graphic.

best education sites infographic

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