The Science Of Social Timing: Networks / Blogging / Marketing [Infographic]

Science of social timing! For bloggers and writers, a lot important is going on rather than just publishing content and keeping an eye on it. One has to find out, during what time highest percentage of audience would be able to get a glimpse of their work?! One also has to figure out what timings are better for email marketing to gain maximum audience! Following infographics developed by KISSmetrics, look at some important factors towards social timing, namely its ‘science’. Divided into three detailed parts we learn a lot about blogging and social timing. The graphics are well designed and information is laid out in a pro-contemporary way.  Click images to enlarge size and feel free to share.

Part 1: Timing And Social Networks

science of social timing social networks

Part 2:Timing And Email Marketing

science of social timing Email Marketing

Part 3: Timing And Blogging

science of social timing part 3 blogging

Great job KISSmetrics.

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