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It’s been three years on November 5th 2010 since the release of Google Android platform. But Google’s official online Android market is still not there. Some websites are already making it big with online access to Market app. In this article we will review some of the popular Android Market websites around.

appbrainAppBrain lets you discover the best Android apps with search, rankings and categories. Just select an app, hit install and scan the QR code. On the other hand it also lets registered users to install apps with one click from the web with a fast web installed app. You can share installed apps on your Android device with your friends as well.

androidzoomAndroid zoom is another choice. With not so friendly user interface but still serves the purpose nicely!. To install an app, click and options will appear to install the app. Either scan the QR code, or have the app link sent to your email address. Simple yet straight forward.

androlibAndroLib is another option for downloading both market and non market Android apps. Built in forums is a great plus to this market place. Users can watch videos of selected apps with the ability to see different languages they are available in!

AppBrain, Android Zoom, and Andro Lib, they all are doing a lot towards Android community. Be it looking for market apps or third party apps, watching videos related to them or just reading comments. It’s all in one center for Android.

Make sure to add, if any present to replace the above ones!

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