SEO Explained Well, 10 Must See SEO Infographics

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has emerged as a completely new era for marketers and developers alike. Job positions as SEO Managers are being generated in big corporations as well as medium-sized businesses. Search Engine Optimization is a huge subject on its own. On one side search is the key. On the contrary, social campaigns are not to be ignored. We have arranged a list of 10 great SEO-related infographics which talk about a variety of different subjects but in the end, all are related to core SEO.

This post will be as useful for new learners of SEO. Have a look at these SEO infographics full of facts, figures and information, and by the end, you will have a decent understanding of SEO and its importance in today’s world wide web.  All graphics are well designed. A lot of effort has been put into bringing out design and information altogether. Feel free to share them and share your favourites with us as well, if any!




Understand the difference between SEO and PPC in this simplified infographic. A combination of SEO clicks, PPC clicks and search user behaviour.


SEO FAQs – A Guide

An SEO frequently asked questions based infographic highlighting aspects such as keyword research, site structure, page optimization, link building, and SEO tactics.

seo faq guide infographic

Goldilocks SEO

goldilocks seo

Content For SEO

content search

How Much Does SEO Cost? Infographic

Let’s talk money, how much does SEO really cost? These infographic highlights are based on different geographical locations and target audiences.

cost for optimizing search

SEO Predictions For 2013 Infographic

search predications

SEO The Objectives Infographic

A simplified infographic highlighting SEO for anyone, everyone. What are the objectives, and why should you consider SEO for your business?

seo objectives

Social vs Search Infographic

Social media and search marketing work hand in hand. It becomes way crucial for marketers to apply both social media and search aspects for better results. This infographic talks about how both of them weigh in.

social vs search infographic

SEO Audit Checklist Infographic

Lastly, a quick SEO audit cheat sheet or more so checklist for anyone to quickly assess if your newly developed business site is trustworthy or not.

search audit checklist



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