Set Explorer.exe To Restart From Windows Context Menu

Set Explorer.exe To Restart From Windows Context MenuAt times you have to restart explorer.exe, in order to make some changes come in effect. Here is a quick guide we are about to share, by which with a simple click you can restart explorer.exe. So, in order for your desktop to refresh you don’t need to restart your machine again and again. This tool can also be used as a customization set for Windows 7, when doing changes all the time.

1. Download this file pack (click here)

2. Extract the pack, and open it

3. Copy the Explorer.bat file and save it on desktop

4. From extracted folder, right click Install_Restart_Explorer.reg and select edit. (File should open in notepad).

5. fill in your username, where it says ENTER-YOUR-NAME-HERE and save it

6. Add this file to registry by right clicking Install_Restart_Explorer.reg and clicking merge, confirm and click yes on next windows

7. Go on desktop and right click your context menu and a new item namely Restart Explorer should appear.

It’s simple and now you don’t need to restart, simply restart explorer.exe.

via: windows7news


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