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Android App For Sharing ContactsMany of us had to send or receive contacts via SMS more frequently on our Android phones.  But we could not find a convenient and faster way yet to do that. But there is a good news for you all (including me)  now we can use SMS to send and receive contacts via SMS with others, even if some of them do not have an Android device. Now you don’t have to copy/paste contacts, or write the number down or try to remember it in your head, in fact you ill never need to do that again as Share Contacts App lets you handle all this hectic stuff easily and in a simple way.

Features for this Share Contacts app include:

-Send contacts by SMS (along with customized text)

-Send Customized information

-Retrieve contact information from SMS

-Pick up contact information from saved contacts

-Save retrieved Contact Information in Phone Contacts

The developers of the app seem responsive in updating the app, which requires Android 2.1 and can be installed from Android Market. The work is in progress still and the app will surely get better and finer, adding new features, with the passage of time. XDA developers are always in action to fix, improve and change everything for Android platform.




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