A Short WowTechy Overview Of South Asian Telecom Industry

Telecom industry has become a major industry subscribing over 300 Million Customers around the globe. A dramatic change has been seen suggesting an increasing number of cell phone users. This industry has not only become the important marketing tool for industries but also has an incessant effect on the Politics of a country considering the foreign investments.

In this article I’ve not gone into analysis of the US or European telecom markets rather mainly focus has remained around south Asian telecom markets.  Probing deep, it can be seen that Telecom industry has seen a Boom in Asia (south Asia) as compared to other continents of the world. Talking more specifically about three south Asian giants named China, India, and Pakistan read out a short analysis of telecommunication market in these countries.

A Short WowTechy Overview Of South Asian Telecom Industry

China: China is one of biggest industry in Telecom throughout the World. Chinese companies have contributed in widening their Market Size. Foreign investments have not been seen in china as the Government of China has always continued to provide relieved policies to the local investors. Hence due to good country politics this sector has been emerging since so long now.

India: Government of India is fervent to reconstitute telecom industry by ordaining effective policies for investments from more foreign companies. Indian Market is bigger in size as compared to Pakistan and facilitate above 100 Million customers. It is one of the most emerging telecommunication markets in the world. As India is on 2nd number in most populous countries of the world, it has still more potential for growth in telecom sector.

Pakistan: Since 1991, in 19 years Pakistan market has become a giant with over 95 Million Mobile phone Users and therefore attracted the Biggest Telecom industries to invest in the country. Government has taken positive steps. In 2005 Minister of Telecommunication, Owais Laghari issued license to other Mobile service providers to start functioning in Pakistan. Unstable political environment and Terrorism has been a hurdle ever since then to attract potential investors to invest in Telecom industry in Pakistan.

There is still much more to say, yet intension of writing this blog post was to shortly analyze the telecom sector under the politics and country conditions scenario.

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