Silent App Uninstaller Does Batch App Uninstall And Backup For Android


And we present Silent App Uninstaller, a great tool for Root users only. Basic feature?! uninstall and backup your apps. What makes it different and a bit unique! You can uninstall and backup your apps in batch! Multiple selection comes in handy, rather than pressing okay each time to uninstall number of apps.

This Android app has a simple yet neat and fast interface. Performance is great when it comes to selection, uninstallation and backup. As soon as you install and launch the app, all the available apps will show up in the list with a selection icon. Simply select the ones you want and uninstall or backup them.

Again, this app is only for Root users.


Download Silent App Uninstaller

– search Silent App Uninstaller in Android Market
– or scan the QR Code


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