Skyfire Web Browser Plays Flash Videos On iPhone and iOS

So there is no way of playing flash videos on a iOS device right? Wrong, there is now. Skyfire is a new way of mobile surfing. Skyfire mobile browser for iPhone is very different than other browsers. When a webpage is opened with an invalid flash video link, the browser sends a request to Skyfire servers which in return transcode the Flash video to HTML 5 and also optimizes the video according to your bandwidth. It displays the video thumbnail in the bottom left corner and you can play by simply tapping the thumbnail.

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It might not be the perfect way to browse but still let’s you do more with your device. It has the ability to play video streams without paying for the 5.99 Justin Tv app from the App store. Also, several other flash video sites. There is also ability to stay socially connected to your Facebook, twitter and many other sites. Other features include, new intuitive full screen mode, special Skyfire built-in video search support, very neat interface for switching between desktop/ iPhone or iPad web page view with a small icon besides the web address bar showing the current mode and more.



It’s currently available in App store for $2.99 and free on Installous. In our testing, the videos ran smooth but it was unable to play flash games and at certain times crashed. Overall it did good. Something different and unique for our readers to try if you haven’t tried it yet.

Cheers and happy browsing.

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