SlimCleaner Is A Windows Optimization And Cleaning Tool

You may be worried about your PC that is slowed down for some unknown reasons. There can be plenty of reasons including unwanted software and toolbars installed on Windows that slow down your PC. These software and temp files occupy large space on your PC’s hard disk which could slow down the PC. SimCleaner is the best solution to this problem. It is a freeware tool for Windows optimization and cleaning. It enables you to clean your system of unneeded services, and unwanted software installation and also clear the temp files and logs stored in Windows.


The tool is currently available in beta version and comes in three sections:

  • Windows cleaner: Application and browser cleaner, having a wide range and effectively cleans all error logs, temp files and history of all major browsers.
  • Optimization section: Does optimization of Windows start-up and services, an uninstaller is also included. This section is pretty much the same feature of Slim Computer (another free tool from the same company)
  • Shredder: Users can add files or folders for deletion and select the shred level. Hijack log is also available for start-up, toolbars and ActiveX controls running on PC.

SlimCleaner in beta works precisely and is a fine tool primarily based on feedback from users on various software and toolbars. Get it from HERE.

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