Go SMS Is A Cool SMS App for Android [Free Android App]

Go SMS is an attractive Android SMS app that comes with invigorating user interface. The functioning is fast and easy and good news is that there are no ads as Go SMS is a totally Free Android App.

  • It contains options, the chat style and list style.
  • Lot of themes to select from.
  • Popup and quick response to sender.
  • Fully supports SMS and MMS
  • Offers Icon and medium widgets
  • Customizable look.
  • Multiple user settings can be defined.
  • You can backup your SMSs .
  • Security lock for privacy protection.
  • Blacklist option.
  • Animation effect can be enabled in title or conversation list both.
  • Offers user defined contacts, notifications and signatures.
  • User defined ring tones.
  • Batch mode option.
  • Split message option for long text messages for CDMA.
  • Time adjustment.
  • Messages can be aligned according to time or order of sent / received.
  • Quick text option.
  • Night mode option.
  • Messages can be grouped.
  • Function of reminder notification.
  • Popup appearance and notification bar in privacy mode.
  • Support groups of receivers in both phone and GO SMS groups.

Various users have given very good feedback saying it easy and very fast to use. Even more it doesn’t have cheap looks and not boring at all. This one is nice, slim and smooth as compared to various other SMS Android Apps.


Go SMS Is A Cool SMS App for Android [Free Android App]


Latest update in this app includes Google fix for messages sent to wrong contacts (only valid for Nexus One and Nexus S devices). No need to wait for phone vendor for this update now. There is also “erase all messages in rare case “function, Google gave no solution. But you can back up your messages using this app.

Waiting for what? Download this Free Android App from HERE.




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