Sony PlayStation Suite Coming To Tegra Android Devices

Sony Playstation Games Coming To Tegra DevicesAll PlayStation fans will be excited enough to know that Sony and NVIDIA have announced that Sony is going to offer Sony’s PlayStation Suite software to Tegra-powered Android phones and tablets. This PlayStation Suit will be available later this year in android market. Earlier in this year 2011 in Sony’s PlayStation meeting, PlayStation Suit was announced that will make all PlayStation titles available to Android devices with new games that are especially created for this platform.

Sony also announced it back in January 2011 that certain PlayStation 2 titles will also be available in PlayStation Suit along with PS1 titles. Sony basically is trying to clear the way for Sony’s rumoured S1 tablet through launch of PlayStation Suite on Tegra. Rumoured S1 tablet is expected to arrive in markets with a Tegra 2 chip and PlayStation support in later 2011.

[ VIA : Androidcentral ]




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