Thursday, September 24, 2020

Sony Is Spreading Rumors For VAIOS with Thunderbolt; Chrome OS

Through some source it was announced about Sony that it is planning to launch two ultraportable VAIOS; Hybrid PC and an 11.6 inch Chrome OS netbook.


Hybrid PC could be Sony’s direct answer to the MacBook Air. Hybrid PC would be a swift, ultra light with a weight of just under 2.5 pounds. Other features include:

HDMI 1.4

However the system would turn into a full desktop replacement with a Radeon HD 6700Mwhen docked Whistler-XT), a Blu-ray burner, and full expansion with Ethernet, VGA, and a unique connector that merges USB with AC power, as seen by Sony Insider. Battery life away from the dock would be 8 to 16.5 hours depending on how aggressively.

When it comes to Chrome OS netbook, it would buck expectations of an atom-based design. Sony will be using:

– An NVIDIA Tegra 2; giving it eight hours of battery life and relatively fast graphics

– 1GB of RAM inside; but the lighter footprint of Google’s web OS would offset the difference

– Greater storage of 16GB instead of the minimum 8GB

-Some of 3G or 4G would come built in

-Weight just under 2.2 pounds; choice along with the mobile processor

Sony will hence shift it’s approach to the ultraportable category with Hybrid PC and Chrome OS design as in past Sony is known for it’s small performance systems with weight and thickness closer to traditional notebooks, such as the VAIOS and Z, or else high-speed Atom netbooks such as the VAIO P or the VAIOX.
Google may be rushing the OS, the source implied. Bluetooth and GPS would be present in a summer launch, but they wouldn’t be enabled until a software update sometime afterwards.
The Hybrid can be said an attempt at a no-compromise system by Sony and could be the first evident competitor to the modern MacBook Air.


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