Spam Emails, Stats And Who Is Responsible? Infographic

Spam is one of the most common issues among all web users globally. It appears in the utmost shape of spam emails. It is definitely ‘More Than an Annoyance?”. These emails generally include scam offers that can cost users their time and money. To reduce spam, one can use email filters. Keeping in mind, popular email services have strong spam filters set by default.

Before responding to an email, always ensure the email address it came from looks legit. You will notice a lot of these scam emails in your Junk gmail folder and if you look closely all of them really are spams. Lastly all email service providers also have ‘report spam’ option. So as you browse through emails, a spam button is visible on the header. It’s definitely must have feature to protect from spam emails.

Spam Emails – More Than An Annoyance?

In this post, we share an infographic which portrays some facts and figures about spam. ‘It’s like driving around the world 3 million times, 3 countries which produce this junk are some of the highlighted points. Design is based off rows and has a grey tone to it with accents of light blue. A simple design tackling a bigger topic. Let’s have a look.

spam emails infographic


source: CoolInfographics

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