SPC- Music Sketchpad Lets You Make Your Own Music

SPC – Music Sketchpad is an entertaining application of Android. Its unique and innovative use had won it 3.1 votes out of 5. It costs just 4.99$. It is a musical and harmonious technique. Music Sketchpad enables you to make your own tunes. When you play the music an automatic back light alerts, giving sonority to music as well as helps creating new sounds. Once you install it, you start composing at once, uncontrollably. Sketchpad initiates a sound scene and captivates the user. It has 16 multiple touch pads with varies loops and sequences. You can upload your self made tunes on net and you can program your nodes on your own will. It also offers to enjoy live tracks and recordings of your own designed nodes and steps. SPC – Music Sketchpad is a must install.

SPC Android App

Androider and then a music lover cannot miss it at any cost! Go get tuned!



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