The Best Sports Apps for Android

Android has come up with many interesting games apps for its user and they say it March Madness. These games will give score updates, sports news, and facilitate many other things.

Android Sports Apps

Let’s find which is your most favorite game app out of these.

Scoreboard (Google)

This app will give you daily sports scores, news for different games and live notifications of your choice teams. Google’s Scoreboard game works in three different ways. It works as an app, as a widget and as a notification service. Now the ball is in your court. You can get any of these things. It is totally a free app.

ScoreBoard Android App



It is another mobile sports portal. It has access to all NCAAFootball and basket ball plus NFL, NBA,NHL and MlB with many more. It informs you about the past and current scores, league standings and recent news with the knowledge of teams playing. You can have it without paying anything.

SportsTap Android App

Download Link:

ESPN ScoreCenter

This app is renowned for delivering live scores from a number of leagues around the globe. You can even watch games through it. You can get it for free.

ESPN Score Centre

Download Link

Pulse News Reader

You cannot say it an actual sports app as it gives your sports feeds.  To get more knowledge about it you need to get it installed on your device with no cost.

Pulse News Reader

Download Link

So folks, hope you will enjoy using these apps.




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