Springpad App Update Makes It More Chic

Springpad app makes it quick and easy to take notes and save anything you want to remember in one place ranging from movies, places, recipes, products and more. Everything you save is automatically categorized, synced and accessible everywhere. Springpad states itself as “the smart note app,” released a free app update today that runs on all Android mobiles. This update makes it more stylish and tidy, adding in features to integrate with other apps on your phone and provide relevant, dynamic content.

Springpad updates

Springpad is among the most popular app in notepad category and this update will definitely help it to compete with rivals like Catch notes and Ever note etc. Latest version: 2.1.0 supports all Android versions, and supports App2SD.

The updated Springpad includes following features:

*Users can now import information from apps and websites, directly into Springpad.

*Configurable Widgets
– New List View widget displays customizable lists from your Springpad
– Configure widgets including your choice of Quick Add options

*Sharing Improvements
– File to notebooks and tag items when sharing from another app
– Fixed issues with sharing items from Twitter, RSS Readers and Browser

*Sort Improvements
– Sort by Date, Tag and Type
– Sort order is now remembered per notebook
– Option to hide completed tasks, passed events

*General bug fixes and performance improvements

Springpad has won two Awards; 50 Best Websites 2010 Winner by Time Magazine and The Best Free Software of 2010 Winner by PC Magazine.




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