Jailbreak iOS 5, Get Free Apps While Keeping Same Baseband [WT Guide]

Jailbreak iOS 5, Get Free Apps While Keeping Same Baseband [WT Guide]

We finally have the well awaited iOS 5 for our iPhones, iPods and iPad devices so we decided to do a step by step jailbreak guide for your readers. This is WT choice for Jailbreaking your iPhone 4/ iPhone 3GS (untethered for 3GS only if it has the older bootrom)/ iPhone 3G / iTouch/ and iPads. We chose this method specifically because it preserves your base band and that assures that we maintain the ability to be able to unlock our device if we choose to do so later on.Also, the Gevey SIM Pro has also been tested and works with this style of Jail breaking.

There are a couple of things you should make note of before you proceed any further. There most probably would not be an untethered jailbreak available for iOS 5. What this means is, if you jailbreak your device using the following method then every time you restart your device you will have to connect your iPhone to the computer if you want to keep using the jailbreak. If you don’t then one of the two things will happen.

a. you get stuck in the DFU mode (the mode in which the iDevice shows the screen where you are asked to connect the device to iTunes)

b. everything looks and feels fine but even though the Cydia seems to be installed, it would not open along with any of the jailbroken apps you would have downloaded.

If you are still interested then keep reading.

Step-by-Step Guide to Jailbreak iOS 5:

  1. First of all download iTunes 10.5 and install it.
  2. Connect your iOS device and when prompted to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 5, click on “Download only” – not the “download and install” option.
  3. (This step can be skipped if you don’t want your old iOS files and data) Make a back up by right clicking on the name of your iOS device in the left hand column in iTunes and selecting “Back Up”.
  4. Download Snowbreeze and extract the files.
  5. Right click on the Snowbreeze file and select “Run as Administrator”.
  6. Once Sn0wbreeze is running,  click Next twice and you will be asked to drag or browse for the downloaded IPSW file. This is the iOS 5 file that you downloaded with iTunes in step 2. It should be located in your primary drive so for most of you the address should be like follows ” C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates”.  Click next.
  7. Sn0wbreeze gives your three more options to choose from. Choose “Simple Mode”. (All the 3 methods mentioned on this screen preserve the baseband).
  8. Click Next and Sn0wbreeze starts cooking your custom iOS 5 firmware and saves it on the desktop.
  9. Follow the Sn0wbreeze to put your iDevice into DFU mode (Also known as recovery mode; where the iOS device asks to be connected to iTunes) and once its in DFU mode connect it to iTunes.
  10. iTunes will detect the iPhone/iTouch or the iPad in recovery mode and will give you option to restore it. Hold the Shift key down and click on restore option. It will now ask you to browse for the iOS 5 IPSW so you simply direct it to the file the sn0wbreeze cooked and placed for you on the desktop.

Jailbreak iOS 5, Get Free Apps While Keeping Same Baseband [WT Guide]

Jailbreak iOS 5, Get Free Apps While Keeping Same Baseband [WT Guide]

Jailbreak iOS 5, Get Free Apps While Keeping Same Baseband [WT Guide]

Jailbreak iOS 5, Get Free Apps While Keeping Same Baseband [WT Guide]

Jailbreak iOS 5, Get Free Apps While Keeping Same Baseband [WT Guide]

iTunes will install the custom firmware to your device with Cydia pre-installed for your use.

As this is a tethered jailbreak, Snowbreeze would have installed a program called “iBooty” on your desktop as well.  So whenever one of the two things mentioned earlier in the article happen, like the jail broken apps not working, then simply connect your device to the computer and Run iBooty. Everything should be fine in no time.

Yay, its finally jail broken, Now what??? Well now we show you show you how to get free apps through installous.

Installous 4 Installation for Getting Free Apps

Jailbreak And Get Free Apps for iOS 4.3.3 & Earlier [WT Guide]Now that you have Jail broken iOS 5,  open the newly installed Cydia on your iDevice and from its bottom tabs, select  Manage.  Next, tap “Sources”, and then click on the “Edit” button on the top right of the screen. Right away, a “+” sign will appear on the top left corner. Tapping on the “+” will allow you to manually add a repository source. Enter this “” and Tap enter. The program might give you some warning right after you add this source, tap “Add Anyway”.

Now tap the “Search” tab at the bottom and search for “Installous” . Your search should show up with Installous 4, Install it by tapping on it and confirming the installation on the following screen.

You have been patiently following all the steps and jail broken your device, give it another smooch for being such a good sport and letting you breeze through the installation without a hitch. Finally, open the newly installed Installous 4 on your device and get browsing for free Apps!

We tried to make this guide as comprehensive as possible so that you can jailbreak and get started right away with new free Apps downloads. Share this and tell your friends, with this guide, even a monkey could Jailbreak his Bannana skinned iPhone 4.

WowTechy TIP: If you already have tons of apps that you downloaded through Installous and would like to keep them on iOS 5 then before proceeding with iOS 5 go to the settings on Installous and select local sharing “ON” and go to the browsing address and simply save all the ipa files to your computer. You can upload them back to the device the same way after you have installed iOS 5 jailbreak.



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