Stop Typing And Dictate To Your iPhone With Dragon Speech To Text

Today Our team reviewed the Dragon app for our readers. It’s a very unique free app considering it lets you dictate anything to it through your iOS device’s built-in mic and it types it up almost instantly. Most of all Dragon does it with great precision.

After you have downloaded it for free from the app store, run it and you will be presented with one red button to start recording whatever you want to dictate. Once done just press the red button again. That’s it, dragon will have your speech typed up on the next screen for you to use in emails or just for taking notes.

dictate to your iphone with dragon
dictate to your iphone with dragon

It’s a very handy app for when you are driving or just keeping track of ideas on the go. During testing, on our iPhone 4 and 3G, Dragon did have a little bit of trouble with not-so-common words, ended up as “wow Becky .com”, but that’s understandable. It has a built-in editor for you to take care of those minor details.


Would be nice to see more fluidity between Dragon and other social media apps but overall a very nice effort. A 3.5-star app with kudos to developers for keeping it free.

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