Stream And Download HD Videos On iPhone For Free With MxTube

There are lots of fancy ways to download videos if u have a computer but with iPhone we have an easy solution that will satisfy all your needs. Awesome interface and capability for multiple simultaneous downloads and being able to pause a download for later- won’t that be just priceless then look no more.


What you need: A jailbroken iPhone with Cydia.
What to do: Search for MxTube, install it and there u have it.

mxtube-2Tmxtube-3his is a secret nifty app that does wonders and not that many people seem to know about it. You can even stream or download high quality Wi-Fi standard videos right from this iPhone app. With iPhone, the video quality is terrible streaming on 3g. So MxTube has always been there for me.  I have used it over the years and the current version has very efficiently streamlined all features for ease of access.

So download whole movies from YouTube and enjoy them on your ride home in the underground subway.  You might have been cut off from the civilization with no Internet Access or 3g networks but at least you are enjoying the Kung Fu moves of Jackie Chan.

Tip: Put keyword “movies” in YouTube and access tons of full length movies. These movies have been put on YouTube for you guys for free so enjoy!

My recommendation , search for “meals on wheels” and click on the video with Jackie Chan’s face in the thumbnail. You will be thanking me after a ton of laughs.

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