StubHub Ticketing App Hits Android App Market

StubHub Launches Android AppThe buying selling has transformed from internet to phone, and with the advent of Android applications like StubHub it’s now more convenient for the consumers to get tickets from the world’s largest ticket sellers all in one place.

It isn’t just the selling of tickets, like the way Warner Bros Inc integrated with Facebook; StubHub provides the listings of most famous place to buy your favorite events in music, sports and theatre and also a price comparison. Fans can follow their favorite bands and teams and the application designed specifically for the Android devices make it simple and easy and delivers the fans the suggestions and support they need from buying ticket up to the location of seats.

StubHub made the user controlling his own activities for the ticketing services. He can manage the ticketing up to last minute. All of the above advantages come with great security and privacy. All you have to do is to download the application from the Android marketplace free of cost and then purchase the tickets and passes using your credit card or the PayPal account.

The most appealing feature is the narrowing down of choices, for example for the music; different genres are listed so fans have no problem to track the events happening even in the most non-happening fields. Plus the fans can also choose where they want to sit etc.

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