Student Performance Models Learning Infographic

What is Analytics? It is the science in which raw data is examined with the core purpose of producing results and conclusions about that gathered data. This is not limited to the web environment but is used in a number of different industries. Moving on, one of our regular readers Krisca shared this information graphically with us.

This learning infographic looks at the overall concept of ‘Learning Analytics and education, i.e. how it can be used for educational purposes. Does the covered material include what can analytics do in learning? and what can it be used for? the limitations and costs involved for implementation, and its effects. The data and information are neatly placed in this graphic with a decent colour tone. Starts with highlights about what analytics can do. and what can it be used for? Check out the infographic below to find more.

Student Performance Models Learning Infographic

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learning infographic student performance models


Limitations and costs, why analytics is not widely used and how it will affect the future sections highlight some key findings. Do comment and share your thoughts on this subject or share a related learning infographic by sending it to us. Thanks for reading.

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