SuperUser Access / Root For Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc And Neo

imageSony Ericsson has recently revived itself in the Android market. Xperia line comes in as SE’s finest contribution to Android users and developers. Rooting your Android device enables super user access and gives you a number of device recovery options.

imageXperia Arc and Xperia Neo, finally have a root procedure written by dudette’s at XDA. The root process is a bit tricky. In a sense, that unlocked boot loader is required on your Arc or Neo device. Drivers are required to be installed on your PC / Mac with Fastboot.

Below is the list of root packages, download the package required for your device.

Xperia Arc: UK: .184 | Global LT15i .181 | Global LT15a .181 | HK LT15 .181 | Greek LT15 .181.

Xperia Neo: Download package for Xperia Neo.

after downloading,

1. plug in your device to your PC / Mac

2. Copy the package to the fastboot folder*
(fastboot folder will appear if you have properly unlocked boot loader)

3. Open command prompt and move to the boot loader directory

4. type the required command and hit enter



fastboot flash system YOURDOWNLOADEDFILE.img


fastboot -i 0x0fce flash system YOURDOWNLOADEDFILE.img


fastboot-mac -i 0x0fce flash system YOURDOWNLOADEDFILE.img

Let the root process finish! and you’re device has successfully rooted.

courtesy: aliwaqas

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