Tech Germs Exists Remember To Wipe Your Tech Items

When we think about the impact of new technologies, we often think about how they are changing our lives for the better. For example, virtual and augmented reality can enhance our education and training. Self-driving cars can reduce accidents and save lives. And artificial intelligence has huge potential in virtually every industry. And while those examples are all true, new technologies also bring their own unique risks that didn’t exist previously.

Our gadgets (smartphones, tablets, computer accessories etc.) are all tied to risk as well. Dirt is the best fertilizer and it collects well on our tech accessories. DailyInfographic, one reputable source for information graphics released another material which reflects some core information which would be highly useful for today’s users. Why? Because it talks about technology germs and how they are present on your tech items, i.e. keyboard, mouse, printer, cell phone, tablet, game controller etc. It talks about the viruses that exist and their overall risk potential.

Tech Germs Remember to Wipe Your Keyboard

Click the image to enlarge the infographic. Some figures are surprising!

tech germs infographic

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