Learn the ABC Of Design Infographic

What is design? The answer might be different depending on who’s describing it. There could be a million different answers. Everyone has a different design perception. Professionals with years of experience in design would always point out critical elements of design (which will always help you understand design as a whole and why it’s important). This design infographic from DesignMantic titled ‘The ABC of Design’, goes through 26 words. Each word highlights a key element and its meaning via graphic. For example, if you look at G – Geometry; the designer always utilizes geometry to communicate visually.

Infographic is simple and would be a good printout for a classroom or design space. Colors are pleasing and visually each design tied with each word communicates well. Glad to share it at Wt. Infographics space, as it’s an excellent resource for all designers. This could do as a nice print poster for home office space.

The ABC of Design Infographic

design infographic

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