The World Of Online Courses Infographic

Online education has gained popularity after a number of barriers that prevented students from getting an education in college or university. Now, students can enrol in online courses for a number of different programs offered by different institutes including academies, colleges and universities. There are both free and paid offerings depending on what skill or learning path is being picked up. Udemy and Coursera are quite big with a lot of learning categories and a broad selection of courses. Thousands of students worldwide come together on these platforms to learn and at many times for free.

Why Are Open Online Courses A Success Story

In this article, we share an infographic which gives us an overview of courses, success stories, and popular academies and institutes which offer a variety of courses and learning paths. Design has a blue theme to it and one thing obvious right away is the fact that there too much text visible in small fonts which ishard to read. The visual graphic does lay out each section nicely with icons and brand logo utilization. Overall a nicely designed infographic. Explore this further and feel free to share 🙂.

the world of online courses infographic

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