Thursday, December 12, 2019

Thunder Bear Is Another Cool Game For Your Android Phone [Free Android App]

Zeus finds Thunder Bear in the forest and begins sending down Magic Meteorites. Thunder Bear decides to fight back by using his new power to defend himself. In order for Thunder Bear to stop Zeus’ Magic Meteorites he must prove that he deserves this God-like power. Thunder Bear will therefore have to fight his way through the forest.

Enough with the tough talks 😀 – Thunder Bear is a cool Android game which can be so addictive for you. In Thunder Bear the little bear has to use his powers that he gets by progressing through different levels in form of bonuses, Thunder Bear will have to fight off Magic Meteorites which are thrown by angry Zeus. Thunder bear can be played in any one of the three modes: Classic, Survivor and Time Attack. The scoreboards used in all modes are Open Feint.

Detailed story is like this: A little Bear use to live in the forest happily with his other animal friends. Because of his curious nature the Little Bear keeps on roaming in the forest and one day he ends up finding a dark cave where Zeus has hidden his thunderbolt. When he picks up the thunderbolt, a large thunderbolt shoots up in the sky and gives power to little Bear who becomes the Thunder Bear. Zeus after seeing this large thunderbolt comes to know that his powerful thunderbolt has been stolen, he then decides to find that one. Zeus begins sending down magic Meteorites to Thunder Bear after finding him in the forest. Thunder Bear has to prove that he deserves this God-like power to retain this power so he decides to fight back his way through the forest.

Hope this story has increased your fervor to reveal further by downloading and playing this game by yourself.



Download this cool game from this LINK .

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