T-Mobiles Launches FamilyWhere – A Child-Tracking Android Application

T-mobiles has jumped in the technology market with a new Android application named as FamilyWhere. This application is made especially for parents having two main features named as Child Tracking and Drive Smart Plus. Child tracking helps parents to track their children. It is a service that allows them for accessing their children’ physical presence from a computer or mobile.

T-Mobiles Launches FamilyWhere – A Child-Tracking Android ApplicationThe location of children’ can be checked and one can receive the optional location alerts through Web, text message and emails. It also gives the history of all the location and gives the facility for customizing alerts which helps parents. It also gives the facility for the parents to set schedules for the children arrival from school or college.

The Drive Smart feature prevents teen agers to do texting while driving. It detects itself when the user is in driving mode and sets the phone to Driving Mode. By setting the Driving Mode all the incoming calls are directed to voice mails and text messages are directed for auto-response text message stating that the person is driving. On the other hand if the user is not driving but is a passenger in car the feature allows the user to override Driving Mode. Parents can set notification whenever the override is done and can view the usage during the override mode from its web interface.

FamilyWhere application has given ease to parents. It lessens parent’s worries for children whenever they are out for party or any appointment.

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