T-Mobiles Updates Price Of Upcoming Data Plan

T-Mobile’s new WebConnect Plans likely are still slated to go live this Sunday. TmoNews which originally reported the rumor has now announced a slight disappointment regarding the plan that “the biggest of the plan has gone up a few dollars per month”.


T-Mobiles Data Plan Price Update

No information is yet available why T-Mobiles have decided to suck a few more dollars out of your pocket or bank account, but it’s not that much bad as there is also a good news. Carriers will be charging just another $5 (now $84.99) or another $4 (up to $67.99) if you’re pairing it with a voice plan. 5GB and 10GB plans are overage-free, so the question is just how far you want to go before you started getting strangled.

T-Mobile’s rumored 10GB data plan goes up a few dollars originally appeared on Fri, 11 Mar 2011 16:32:00 EST.


[ VIA : Tmonews ]



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