Top 10 US Travel Destinations For Technology Related Folks – A WowTechy Guide!

As being a telecom engineer or IT related person if you plan on finding a job for yourself in US market, you don’t need to worry. We have compiled a list of 10 travel destinations which surely will attract you and will help you in finding better job.

Top 10 US Travel Destinations For Technology Related Folks - A WowTechy Guide!


Boston is home to a number of engineers, especially telecom engineers. With Harvard University and MIT situated in the vicinity, Boston really becomes an attractive spot for people associated with engineering and telecom sectors. Moreover, Microsoft had opened its first East Coast research lab in this very area so Boston is sure to be a popular choice for IT and technology related people.


With high salaries and more than enough wages on offer for tech-related employers, Atlanta is the place to be if you are a telecom engineer and are thinking of making a living. The place is also very popular for IT management and other IT related jobs. Thus, it’s a hub for most telecom engineers so it is a valuable opportunity to earn and meet new people.


Houston houses a number of quality jobs for skilled professionals. Having said that, this must interest telecom engineers because the place is ranked for its high level of job postings. Therefore, employment and satisfaction is guaranteed for deserving workers.

New York

Being a massive city, New York is a place with a wide variety of industries. It is safe to say that the place is the center for an urban future. Cost of living might be high but the provisions and employment opportunities make up for it. Not a bad choice for starting a telecom carrier!

San Francisco

The place is not only known for its flora and fauna but also the level of employment and a density of skilled professionals that reside in the vicinity. There are also endless possibilities for telecom engineers in San Francisco.


Known as a tourist hub, Seattle is a beautiful city with tourist attractions at every step. These amenities are also complemented by a wide variety of business and employment options. The place is open to industrialists, engineers, doctors and other skilled professionals.


With over 42000 high-technology companies, Phoenix ranks high in overall technical job postings. Microsoft, Oracle etc. rank among the major technological corporations. Also, with an array of different colleges and universities all over the place, Phoenix is a place for trained professionals.

San Diego

Besides being picturesque and attractive, the city of San Diego thrives in tech industry. With a number of well renowned universities and colleges in the area, the city is a popular choice for student as well as professionals. Moreover, it ranks fourth for tech salary pay,


The capital’s economy outperforms the economy of much of the nation and also, the level of employment is a hallmark. In any case you happen to visit Washington and if you are an engineer, you will find your new home.


Home to more than 300 companies and a number of industries, Huntsville continues to grow as an industrial city. Known as the second largest tech research park, Huntsville is the place to be for highly skilled men and women. Therefore, if you are skilled and willing to work, you shall get full value for your effort.

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