Top 5 Website Builders for 2022

Website Builders? Gone are the days when having a website for your business was considered a novelty. Now it has become a necessity. And with this change, website creation has also been made easier. These days if you need a cool interactive website, you don’t need to hire an expensive developer with extensive coding knowledge to do so as we did before. With a little wit and lots of tech-savviness, you can build your very own website! That too in a small amount of time. All thanks to highly accessible and user-friendly website builders like WordPress, Wix, & Shopify.

Website Builder

However, choosing the right website builders is a critical aspect of creating your dream website. Choose wrong and you may be stuck with a lack of functionality and integration. We are here to make it easy! Read on to learn about the top five website builders of 2022. And decide for yourself which builder fits your business.

Best Website Builders

Wix —Best for Small Businesses

Wix is one of the best and most popular website builders of 2022, taking the lead in this article for many reasons. One of them making the website-building experience fun and painless. Wix is the perfect choice for beginners wanting to create their very first website. The builder’s interactive AI helps you develop a site after answering a couple of questions about your goals. Wix has a large library of templates to choose from and we are sure that most businesses will find one that matches their needs easily.

Squarespace —Best Design Templates

There are many fans of Squarespace, and rightfully so. The builder provides built-in security, unlimited hosting, lightning-fast content delivery, SSL certificates, and 24/7 customer service. However, the aspect that makes it stand out from others is its design functionality and amazing themes. This platform has been the top choice for creatives as well as business owners due to striking websites without any hassle.

Shopify —Best for E-Commerce

If you have an e-Commerce business and some money to spare then Shopify is the one for you. This platform is best for those looking to build a store for their business. It supports dropshipping and offers round-the-clock customer support. Shopify is on this list because it is one of the most convenient and affordable options for a company to open an online store and allow them to begin selling their goods and services online right away.

WordPress —Best Overall

If you are even slightly tech-savvy or into websites, chances are you have heard of WordPress. The most widely used website builder of all. Disclaimer: This website is built on WordPress as well! The CMS is just that good. So why would we use this platform among so many other good ones? Well here’s why; it’s a robust content management system that runs completely online. WordPress offers reliability, responsive support, and flexibility, all with solid security and simplified content creation. It supports simple integrations and has room for extensive customization, all at a great cost!

Carrd —Best for Portfolios

While this website builder isn’t as popular as Wix, it still has the perks that make it worth mentioning in this list! Carrd builds fully responsive, one-page sites, with very little effort and even lesser time. It is the best builder if you don’t have any time to spare and only need a one-pager site. Carrd is best for people looking to create portfolios. It’s a hit between writers and marketers, in fact, my portfolio site is built on Carrd. With over 75+ templates to choose from accompanied by a free plan with allows you to create three sites completely free, this builder is definitely a hit for many!

Design your Site with Ease through Website Builders

Whether you run an online business or a brick-and-mortar store having a website has become an essential requirement. It helps you market your business, land more customers, attract potential buyers and establish the authenticity of your business. Even if you have no experience, the finest web apps builders make it easy to create a new website from start. You begin with a professionally created template and edit it to your heart’s content. So what are you waiting for? Just pick a builder from our list and start creating! But remember! Choose wisely from tons of website builders available to you!

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