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Android, no doubt a very versatile and open system has a number of apps coming in every other day. And some days back , the app market reached more than 100,000 apps, more then 60% of them being free. Yes, you got your hands on a big screen device, and you’d surely like to make a number of tweaks. Keyboard changes?? yes one of them. In this article we will review some of the Android keyboard apps available in Market place that you should look into!.

Swift Key, uses Touch Type’s breakthrough technology to predict the next word you are willing to type, before pressing a key. Its fast, accurate and intelligent according to its current users. Key features include next word prediction, dynamic learning, gesture support, and nine different language supports. Input options include auto complete, auto accept, auto caps, QWERTY, AZERTY, QZERTY, QWERTZ keyboard layout support, mistyping correction, auto insertion of accents and linguistic conventions. ($3.99 in Market)

SlideIT, becomes a great way to quickly input text on virtual keyboards by sliding on virtual letters. Its fast, accurate and easy to learn. You can add words to dictionary with in built manual learning library. Features include learning library, accuracy, speed, and double letters. To change your default keyboard to SlideIT, navigate to settings > languages & keyboard > select SlideIT keyboard. Or simply do a long press on any text input area and select SlideIT. Free demo is available from the market place, yet you can buy the pro version €5.99.

Thumb Keyboard, a simple keyboard with a basic thumb input idea. The keyboard is split into two halves.  So type with the easy of your thumbs while handling your device. The concept is that the keys are defined with a greater width and typing with the thumb on the device can be done in a easier and natural way. Simple press and hold the keyboard icon for switching between layouts, settings and selecting other input methods. Key options include QWERTY big & small layout and QWERTZ big & small layout. (available for $1.03 in market)

These are some of the top ranked keyboards in the Android market currently. Swype is famous too, but the reason we didn’t add it was it is not available in market. Secondly, Swype comes in as a default keyboard with devices like Samsung Galaxy S. Anyhow, if we have missed some app, you think deserved to be reviewed! hit back in the comments and we will definitely look into that!

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