Top 6 SVG Creators to Use in 2022

SVG creators are used for creating and often times also editing scalable vector graphics. These days modern websites require high-quality image presentations. SVGs offer exceptional image quality with natural scaling on various devices. This is why SVG is becoming the norm in design and development.

What is an SVG File

An SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) is a web-friendly file format. On websites, SVG files are commonly used to display two-dimensional graphics, charts, and illustrations. Additionally, it can be resized without losing any resolution since it is a vector file. 

Best SVG Creators & Editors

Here’s our list of the best SVG creators and editors of this year.

Boxy SVG

Top 6 SVG Creators to Use in 2022

Boxy SVG is a great web-based scalable vector graphics creating software. It is designed to help web designers and developers edit SVG files using graphical objects. Aimed at both experienced web designers and developers as well as non-technical users learning the basics of SVG graphics.

It creates SVG documents in exactly the same way as your Chrome browser for desktop or mobile because it employs a Chromium-based rendering mechanism. It includes a large number of features, such as support for Open Clip Art Library and Google Fonts, and you can even test it out for free online.

Vecteezy Editor

Top 6 SVG Creators to Use in 2022

Vecteezy is a web-based SVG creator. It is an easy-to-use vector editor and designer that is geared at novices in design but is also capable of being used by professionals. It offers several templates and images to help you get started and has all the functionality you’d expect from an SVG editor.

The free SVG editor also allows Vecteezy content to be customized before downloading. Furthermore, the editor allows users to start from scratch and produce stunning vector graphics.


Top 6 SVG Creators to Use in 2022

Vectr is a free-to-use vector graphics cross-platform. The software makes it simple to design vector images. Its simple and easy-to-use UI conceals a powerful graphics editor. You can make vector pictures and icons, by using a variety of shapes, paths, and text tools.

The SVG editor is available as an app as well as a Saas. This makes it a powerful web and desktop cross-platform tool.

SVG Editor Online

Top 6 SVG Creators to Use in 2022

This SVG Editor is a super simple yet powerful tool to create scalable vectors. It is designed to be user-friendly and is a browser-based Saas. The goal of its developers was to make editing simple for the average user. It only includes the barest, most essential tools required to sketch practically anything. The editor is based on HTML5 and is built with React.js and Fabric.js.

MediaModifier Free SVG Editor

Top 6 SVG Creators to Use in 2022

This free SVG editor allows you to quickly edit and create SVG vector files online. All designers need to do is drag and drop the SVG, modify it, and download it as SVG, JPG, PDF, or PNG.

This SVG creator also offers SVG grouping. Which is a highly useful feature in SVG editing and creation.

Pixelied SVG Editor

Top 6 SVG Creators to Use in 2022

This SVG creator & editor allows you to quickly modify an SVG file. The software makes it easy to change the size, color, opacity, and rotation, of vector graphics,
Create and alter flash icons without the use of complicated tools by editing SVG files online.

With this editor, you can also manipulate individual elements of a graphic when you edit SVG files. The web-based app enables you to group them together and apply all customizations at once. As well as, ungroup them to alter each element at a time.

The Wrap Up

A good and easy-to-use SVG creator is a crucial tool for designers. Especially for those working in web or UX design.  Hopefully, you will find the right SVG creator in our list that matches your needs. Whether you choose a professional tool or a free web app.

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