Friday, November 15, 2019

Track Local Transit Live On iOS / Android / Blackberry With Next Bus [WT Tip]

Whether you have an iOS device, an Android or a Blackberry, there is a new convenient way to find out when your next bus is and Wow Techy has the scoop. Buses have become a major part of urban life and up until now the only way to know when the next bus would arrive at your stop is referring to the times posted for the bus schedule, but what if the bus is running late- then what?! So it always ended up being a guessing game. NextBus solves all of that in a very genuine way.


From any smart device with a browser. Just go to and the website would ask to use your current gps location in order to find the bus stops closest to you. Choose your selection and not only do you see the exact time of arrival but you also get to see the gps tracking of your bus in a small Google map at the bottom of the page. The busses are represented on this live map with small arrows moving along the road.


Now you will be able to spy on any bus any time with the James Bond style tracking of NextBus.


WT Tip: Add the NextBus website to your home screen and it would work an act as a nifty one click go app!

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