Saturday, August 8, 2020

Train Your Dog With Dog Whistle Lite 2.0 [Free Android App]

Are you a dog lover and want to train your dog in a very modern and smart way. Well by modern and dynamic way I mean using latest technology and yes people count Android as the latest technology too. Meet Dog Whistle Lite that is a free Android app to help you to train your little puppies without disturbing other people. It is used by dog trainers to trains the dogs by getting their attention. Dogs can hear high frequencies better than humans and small dogs have got more acute hearing as compared to older ones.

This cool Android app generates frequencies from 12000Hz to 44000Hz and you can find out to which frequency your dog responds to. Hand signals are often combined with dog whistles for better dog training to make dogs react the way you want. It can generate piercing sounds to scare away the wild ones as it comes with qualified frequency generator and frequency saving options. Dog whistle Lite 2.0 includes brand new UI for more convenient usage.


Download this Free Android App from this LINK .

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