Transmit Audio Wirelessly From PC To Android Device With SoundWire

Felt the need of buying a wireless headphone and when headed towards an electronic retail store, the prices did give me a certain shock! One of a kind!. they were definately around $150 for a decent wireless headphone back with good battery life. Later on, after glimpsing through the beautiful Samsung Note, I realized that there has to be a way around on this Android device. Maybe something, which would let you interact with audio wirelessly via your device, with your desktop PC.

SoundWire, is an app which we tested and turned out to be great with no delays. Available in a free and paid version, this app makes your device act as a wireless extension or so called remote headphone amp. It becomes a great way to listen to your PC audio wirelessly onto your device. User can transmit PC audio as well as any music websites. Latency of audio delay is very low. As we tested some music, YouTube and a movie played from Netflix. Paid version allows you to have 10 connections at the same time.

Before installation make sure you are connected on the same network, very important!.


The installation is simple. Download SoundWire app available from Google Play. Navigate to Georgielabs and download version for specific OS. (available for Windows 7, Xp).  Install the downloaded SoundWire server on your source PC. Launch the App on your device and enter the server address available on the SoundWire Server PC. Tap and you are connected, its that simple.

The status should change to ‘connected to (server name)’ and audio should transmit on your device. Overall, a great simple tool to capture audio and stream, is not locked to a specific application and has great sound quality with low delay.

SC20120603-013131 SC20120603-013508

App it self contains some settings like server name, audio buffer size, and connection settings. Simple and to the point!. Hurray! Do use it and leave a comment!. We do expect some major updates to this application, towards overall functionality and usage.

Click here to download appropriate version (Windows 7 / XP)




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