Use True System Security Tweaker To Tweak And Optimize Your Windows System Security

If you were in search of a portable tiny application to customize your PC security for Windows; your search is over 🙂 . Meet True System Security Tweaker – unlike its big name it is a small application that doesn’t need to be installed. Aah, I have become so verbose; I talk too much and use extra words too. But I know you don’t abhor it :D.

This tool is one of the good free security tweaking and optimizing utilities. Various access levels of control panel applet functions can be adjusted and set including: Add/Remove Programs, Network, Printers, Desktop and Network etc. It is even helpful for you if you have multiple users using your System and you want to disable certain features for some of the Windows user profiles. With a simple but attractive interface of this small application lets you selects any specific action over 470 security options for your system. Don’t worry you can restore the system to previous stat if you don’t want to keep any recently applied system security tweak.

Wanna mess with the code of this application? Be happy; Delphi source code of the application is also  available.

It works on almost all Windows 32-bit OSs including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows 2008. Testing was carried out on a system running Windows 7 32bit OS.  Download this application from HERE.

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