Turn It Is An Android App That Detects The Movement Of Your Cell

An Android Free AppTurn It is an exciting and catchy app by Android . It has an accelerometer that detects the movement of your cell and then does the actions: put the cell phone and/or stop the data transfer. Every time you put it face down will act in one way or another doing the actions you decide, and the actions will be undo when you put the mobile face up. Turn it to put your mobile in silence and/or to stop data transfer!

You can start it by add a widget on your desktop and get it activated.  You can decide whether to start service at boot, that is, when you turn on the device.  Some of its features are:

Added delay time in seconds!

Added new options!

-Vibration mode

-Disable Bluetooth

-Turn off wifi

This app for Android Users is totally free to make available for you.




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