Turn Your Favorite Song Into Android Ringtone With Ringdroid

We believe Android based phones should be free of any limitations. Your Android should serve as the extension of your personality. Don’t have that ugly,dorky sounding, depressing tone as your ringtone because now you have Ringdroid! This app is amazing, lives up to it’s name and does what it flaunts (make sure you read the friendly tip at the very bottom of the article).

If you own an Android you probably have tons of music files in it unless you are not a music fan. This app opens with the list of all the audio files. All you have to do is open the file and cut the part suitable to sound like a ringtone by adjusting the start and finish button and you have yourself a sexy ringtone. Mullah gadgeti says “kush by doctor dre!! Snipp that!! #*@#%*  thing rocks.

Overall this app is very user friendly and does the job well. You can save the cut out part of the song as a notification tone, ringtone or relate it to a certain caller and best of all this app is free on the Android market. Friendly tip: Just make sure you don’t set it as a notification or ring tone through the app or else the name of your saved file appears twice on the list of ringtones while in settings.

Just save the file and when the app message pops up instructing you to make the file your current ringtone, press cancel. You can set it as your ringtone through manually going into settings and selecting your file through the list of all the stock boring ringtones. Enjoy!

To Download Ringdroid

– scan the QR code
– download from market


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