Turn Speech To Music With Songify For Android

Songify has been a famous app on iOS platforms including iPhone, iPad and iTouch. (click here to read our review). Just like we saw some ‘most wanted’ apps from iOS landing on Android, it was time that Songify becomes one of them. It is available for free on Google Play Store. For new readers, Songify is an application which transforms anything a user says into music. It does that by passing the ‘speech’ through a mixer which adds music and effects. Hence, allowing you to turn speech to music.

Of course, this is not the ultimate mixer or quick song producer to have, but a great fun app which is now available for Android. Install the app and tap on the screen to record, select a song effect and Songify will do the rest. Songs or effects are available in the song store, some free, mostly paid. Users can buy songs and then they will be added to their mixing library. The app comes with a loaded community, where users share their creations.

speech to music android
speech to music android app

The only big difference between the app for Android and iOS is, that iOS comes with a Live Mode. It allows you to interact with the app in real-time. Whereas, this version for Android won’t allow users to do that. We might expect that fix in a future update. A fun app overall! Do give it a try, it’s free.

*App removed from Play store.

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