Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Tweak iPhone Display Settings With SBSetting While Watching Videos

Apple’s iOS is an excellent example of superb artistic and programming capabilities. However, there are lots of things you can do to make your iPhone more efficient. Read more to get a whiff of what I mean.

Important: You need a jailbroken iOS device for this to work.

blatz-ui-toggle-sbsettingsSo you are watching a movie on YouTube and need to turn brightness up- now you are thinking , you don’t want to minimize app, go to settings then general tab and then brightness menu- home key to return to main menu then touch open the YouTube app again and press play. Don’t be scared any more, download SBSettings from Cydia and you have shortened these steps to just two.

While watching the  video SBSettigs allows you to just tap or pull down several settings right from within any app. There are several toggle buttons and slider bars that you can customize to your need. Wi-Fi, 3G can be turned on and off with just two taps and without having to leave the app. One of my favorite things about SB is that you can see the running apps and turn them off from this menu too. Shows you your IP addresses (Wi-Fi/ cellular network), an awesome “keep awake” button to keep the Internet running even with the phone is in lock mode, several power options and customizable skins .

In a nutshell, this is the iPhone tweak that you always wanted but didn’t know how badly you need it.

General notice: once you get this super tweak you will be hooked! So readers, enjoy to the max and let me know  about your SB experience.

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