Uninstall Unwanted Apps From Your Android Device With Mini Uninstaller [Free Android App]


Going crazy trying to find out how to get rid of Apps that are of no use and interest for you any more? Mini Uninstaller is the easiest and fastest free Android app to remove/uninstall the Apps from your Android device that are no longer required. If you want to remove certain Apps from your Android gadget, within no time and pain then you will love to use Mini Uninstaller as it works in a simple and efficient way.


Uninstall Unwanted Apps From Your Android Device With Mini Uninstaller [Free Android App]

Mini Uninstaller comes with many handy Features like:

*You can conveniently view app size, phone storage summary and details of data installed in phone memory

* It works very fast as it requires only one time loading time in cache, and from then onwards it will never take loading time

* You can sort all Apps for your convenience according to the name, storage size, last installed Apps and by installation location (feature available only for Android 2.2 or above)

*You will need to click an item for long to launch any item, view and rate it

*After long clicking item, You also can move the applications to SD Card or move it back to phone (only available and visible for Froyo – Android 2.2 or above)

*Easy uninstall will automatically exclude all system applications that could not be uninstalled.

So get this great App and start using and enjoying your device in a whole new, convenient way. You can Download it from THIS LINK .




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