Untitled UI – The Ultimate Design Kit for Figma

User-interface design is a critical aspect of any website or app. It is a crucial factor that can make or break your platform’s user experience. Professional designers and experts constantly work on thinking up new user-friendly design techniques and systems to create appealing apps and websites and ensure seamless app usage.

Figma is a cloud-based design tool used for creating user interfaces, websites, and app designs. It’s popular among designers because it offers a collaborative platform where multiple designers can work on the same project in real time.

Untitled UI – The Ultimate Design Kit for Figma

Figma is one such system that is used for the creation of reusable UI Kits and design systems. UI kits are great resource sets that allow designers to create design structures with ease. The kits are designed to ensure that you can embed your own ideas and creativity into them. Generally, a UI kit is composed of an assortment of graphic files and UI components. Like buttons, drop-downs, check boxes, progress bars, etc.

In this piece, we will be reviewing a highly popular design kit for Figma – Untitled UI.

Untitled UI – The Ultimate Design Kit for Figma

Untitled UI – The Ultimate Design System Review

Untitled UI is one of the largest design systems for Figma worldwide. Designers can design creative and modern websites through their huge range of pre-designed components and sections.

Untitled UI Contains:

  • Above 2,000 usable logos and icons.
  • Over 10,000 components, sections, and design variants.
  • Around 420+ ready-to-go page sections and dashboard examples.
  • 500 plus global styles.

Who is Untitled UI Best For?

This UI design kit is best for Figma designers that want to produce high-quality UI designs. While saving their time and resources. With Untitled UI, you get what you pay for, and what you get is high-quality design components and a system that allows you to create scalable design frameworks that reflect consistency.


The Untitled UI kit has a professional and corporate feel. SAAS providers, startups, tech companies, and related businesses will be able to utilize this UI kit very well. However, you can use the kit for other categories as well. But, it will require a bit of customization as well.

Design & Built

As previously mentioned, Untitled UI enables you to create scalable and consistent designs. The kit is built really well. And it utilizes Figma’s component library, auto-layout, variations, and styling features to the full extent.

Extensive Library

The Untitled UI has a lot to offer in terms of components. As I said above, they claim to be the largest UI kit and design system for Figma, and their claim is surely not baseless. They truly have a lot to offer. It has different sections for features, headers, heroes, pricing, CTAs, metrics, and, quotes. As well as for social proof, blog archives, blog posts, FAQs, contact, careers, footers, and more!

Universal Design

Finding a design system that allows enough customization to meet your creative ideas, is unopinionated, and is also not bland at the same time, is not an easy feat. Untitled UI offers all this and more. You can customize to your heart’s content, and there’s a lot of room for flexibility too.

The Verdict

Untitled UI is a great design system for those designers working in tech, SAAS, startups, and the like. It has an extensive library of components that will help you save countless design man-hours and resources. Allowing you to design in minutes what would otherwise take days.

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